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Cave Diving

Protec Sardinia is Europe's Premier Technical cave diving training facility. We teach all courses from cavern diving to full cave diving, then specialities like DPV cave diving, Sidemount cave diving, Multi-stage cave diver and more. Choose us for an un-paralleled teaching experience in English or German!

Technical diving

We offer a full schedule of technical dive courses and can take you deeper for longer while utilising Oxygen enriched air and pure oxygen for decompression and Helium to reduce your oxygen toxicity exposure. Many dive sites here in cala gonone are perfekt for this kind of training, like shallow dives for the open water training skills up to deep wall diving close to the harbour.



CCR Rebreather

Rebreathers allow us to dive deeper depths and longer penetrations with less gas on our back. We are specialists on the Megalodon and Inspiration and can offer all courses including ccr cave which can be taught on any unit.

Sport Diving

We have some of the prettiest wrecks and reefs in the mediteranean without the overcrowding, dive in an unspoilt world today.



  • Cave Diving
  • Technical diving
  • Rebreather Diving
  • Sport Diving

Protec Sardinia: Europe´s Cave Diving Center

Protec Sardinia Is Europes premier cave diving facility and offers the full range of Cave, Technical and Sport diving courses in sites less than 30 minutes scenic boat ride from the harbour. We have 4 instructors here, each one has plenty of open water and cave dives logged to make sure what we know what we teach inside out.

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Contact Information

Contact: Thorsten "Toddy" Wälde

ProTec Sardinia ASD - Via Collodi 9
08020 Cala Gonone (NU) Sardegna, Italy
Phone: +39 3351680168
E-Mail click here or info (at)